The EXACT Method For Transitioning To A Plant Based Lifestyle (With Buy-In From Your Family) To Lose The Weight + Get Healthy For Good

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“I lost 60 pounds without counting calories or logging food and am no longer prediabetic!” - Elizabeth S.

“I’m Ready To Go Plant-Based!”

You’ve heard that people following a plant based diet have lower risk for obesity, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular mortality. They also live longer and grow older with fewer health issues.

You’re ready to lose weight without counting calories, weighing food, or constantly opening the snack cabinet because you’re hungry.

You need it to be simple. Easy. (no scouring Kroger for kokum, juniper berries, or wattleseed)

And you need your kids to like it, too.

Hey there, I’m Stephanie.

Excited to help you transition to a plant-based diet!

A former financial advisor who was tipping the scales at 200+ lbs and never engaged in any activity. I sat at my desk all day and on the couch all night. I would have driven my trash cans to the end of my driveway if I wasn’t afraid that my neighbors would see me.

One day, a switch flipped inside me. I needed to be healthy.

Through a series of small, sustainable changes I made a big impact on my life and possibly even manifested a miracle.

Learn more about me here’ll also uncover why this preschool mom and liquorice tea fanatic loves nothing more than helping other moms lose weight and get healthy (except for mermaids - I really love mermaids!)


What if you could whip up a plant based Taco Tuesday in 30 minutes or less and with minimal ingredients?

Lose weight without living on twigs and lettuce and finally heal your broken relationship with food?

Fight inflammation and kiss that pain from your fibromyalgia goodbye?

Prevent or reverse diabetes, heart disease (In some studies, plant based diets have been shown to reduce blood sugar faster and more effectively than oral diabetes medications)

You would be ready to kick it with Carrie Bradshaw in the Hamptons (pre-kid style)

Be the most energetic mom at school drop off!

Everyone will notice your glowing complexion, cue your own When Harry Met Sally moment “I’ll have what she’s having?”

"I've had a much healthier pregnancy… with a healthy amount of weight gain this time!”

I made huge mental breakthroughs with food, nutrition and exercise. I've had a much healthier pregnancy with a healthy amount of weight gain this time, and I feel like I'm being far more mindful with nutrition and not using my pregnancy as an excuse to binge, which I definitely did with my first.
- Erin H

How I Help Magicalize You Into A Plant Based Pro

(and show you how to get your husband to request your crispy tofu stirfry!)

The Plant Based+ Method

  • Make easy, plant based meals that your family will eat (even the picky ones)
  • Lose weight for good
  • Fight inflammation
  • Lower your blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure 1
  • Heal your broken relationship with food

(without starving, feeling restricted, or spending all of your time in the kitchen and losing your sanity)

Get my practical, plant based magic + mindset work, hearty dose of compassion, and judgment-free guarantee.


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